World Affairs Podcast: On Shifting Ground with Ray Suarez

World Affairs PODCAST: On Shifting Ground with Ray Suarez, KQED

Geopolitical turmoil. A warming planet. Authoritarians on the rise. We live in a chaotic world that's rapidly shifting around us. "On Shifting Ground with Ray Suarez" explores international fault lines and how they impact us all. Each week, NPR veteran Ray Suarez hosts conversations with journalists, leaders and policy experts to help us read between the headlines – and give us hope for human resilience.

Can Microloans Lift Women Out of Poverty?

So far, the world has failed to keep up with the U.N. development goals for gender equality... and the clock is ticking. Can increased financial inclusion and political participation for women help bridge the gap? Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women's World Banking, believes our traditional financial system fails women. She speaks with Ray Suarez about how tech and global investment can help level the playing field.

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