What the FinTech? | S.3 Episode 15 | Unleashing the potential of half the planet

In this episode of the What the Fintech? podcast, we’re joined by president and CEO of Women’s World Banking (WWB), Mary Ellen Iskenderian, to discuss how the group is broadening access to financial services for women across the world.

Mary Ellen and FinTech Futures reporter Alex Pugh discuss how the world’s largest network of microfinance institutions and banks marries a macro and local approach, the cultural and economic roadblocks that prevent women accessing financial services, how to tackle ‘app islands’, the war in Ukraine, and the effects of the pandemic on women gaining access to the financial ecosystem.

Lastly, we discover what fintech buzzword Mary Ellen wants to liberate from our Fintech Jail.

Bridging the digital gender gap — FinextraTV


Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President & CEO, Women’s World Banking joins FinextraTV at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, speaking on how the role of fintech is bridging the digital gender gap and driving economic equality, what changes need to be made to achieve true inclusion, and the significance of WWB’s Fintech Innovation Challenge.



Markets, The French Election, And Women In Finance — Bloomberg

The Tape Episode

Jess Menton, Equities Reporter with Bloomberg News, discusses markets, stocks, and inflation. Laura Wright, Producer with Bloomberg TV, discusses the French election and what it means for the US and global economies as well as the war in Ukraine. Hans Olsen, CIO at Fiduciary Trust Company, talks about markets, investing, and the economy. Mary Ellen Iskenderian, CEO at Women’s World Banking, talks about women working in finance and job opportunities in the sector in America and in developing nations. Hosted by Matt Miller and Kriti Gupta.





There’s Nothing Micro About 1 Billion Women: Mary Ellen Iskenderian at TEDxWallStreet

See more at: http://tedxwallstreet.com/ Mary Ellen Iskenderian is President and CEO of Women's World Banking, the global nonprofit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources they need to achieve security and prosperity. For more than 30 years, Women's World Banking has worked with financial institutions to show them the benefit of investing in women as clients, and as leaders. Women's World Banking equips these institutions to meet women's needs through authoritative market research, leadership training, sustainable financial products and consumer education. Headquartered in New York, Women's World Banking works with 39 institutions in 28 countries with a reach of 14 million women to create access to finance on a greater scale than ever before.